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Your smile may be at a higher risk of cavities if you have any weakened areas of the tooth enamel are exploited by the bacteria in your mouth, and this is especially likely if you regularly consume acidic beverages, don’t have access to fluoridated water or your oral hygiene regimen is ineffective. If a tooth enamel problem is detected during your routine dental checkup with our dentist, fluoride supplements may be sufficient to prevent tooth decay.

Dr. Tracey Tabor Williams & Amy Montefalco can also provide in-office fluoride treatment following the completion of your dental exam, and then prescribe daily fluoride supplements to keep your smile protected.

Fluoride supplements can be prescribed as tabs, gels, mouth rinses, or fluoride toothpaste. Ingestible fluoride supplements need to be taken as directed for full efficacy, and any prescribed mouthwashes or fluoride toothpaste should be brushed on or swished around at bedtime to allow it to penetrate your tooth enamel while you sleep.

Most fluoride supplements can be taken at any time of day in which you plan to forgo eating or drinking for at least half an hour to give the treatment time to deeply penetrate the pores of the enamel layer.

To learn whether you can improve your dental health with fluoride supplements in Indianapolis, Indiana, please feel free to contact Tracey Tabor Williams, DMD at 317.637.4636 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Tracey Tabor Williams & Amy Montefalco.