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If you truly wish to have optimum oral health care, then ensure that your brushing skills are elite, and your toothbrush is effective. If your toothbrush becomes damaged or worn down, it will not be able to clean your teeth as it is intended. In addition, you should always choose a toothbrush and toothpaste that have been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance by the American Dental Association for high quality, safety, and proven effectiveness.

Once you have chosen a toothbrush, ensure that it works as intended and provides the necessary qualities your mouth desires. Test it to make sure it fits in your mouth easily and can reach all corners and crannies for a complete mouth cleaning. Look for brushes with soft bristles, as hard bristles can be abrasive and cause tooth and gum sensitivity. Most brushes only last between 3 and 4 months, so replace as necessary.

When your toothbrush is not in use, store it in upright in a container that is free from contamination, but not sealed. Also, ensure it touches no other toothbrushes and is not used by anyone else. Keeping your toothbrush free from contamination allows it to clean your teeth without adding any additional concerns to your oral health care.

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